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Global Conference on Animal Welfare


The Steering Committee

A Steering Committee has been established to be responsible for conference planning, selection of topics and speakers.

Dr David Bayvel (Director Animal Welfare, MAF Biosecurity Authority, New Zealand)
Herbert Schneider (President, World Veterinary Association)
Dr David Fraser (Professor and Chair in Animal Welfare, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Centre for Applied Ethics- University of British Columbia, Canada)
Dr David Wilkins (International Council for Farm Animal Welfare - ICFAW)
Dr Elisabetta Canali (Istituto di Zootecnica Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria - Milano, Italia)
Dr Emma Stamper (Animal Transport Association - AATA)
Dr Sira Abdul Rahman (Retd. Dean, Bangalore Veterinary College, India)

Organising Committee
Bernard Vallat
Dr David Wilson
Dr Alex Thiermann
Dr Jean-Luc Angot
Dr A
ndrea Gavinelli
Mrs Maria Zampaglione

Liaison Committee:
Dr Antonio Petrini
Mr Rex Horgan
Mr Stéphane Berlaud
Mrs Mariugenis Oudin

Mr Jean-Pierre Croiziers de Lacvivier

Simultaneous interpretation from and into French-English-Spanish will be provided for the plenary sessions.
Abstracts and papers can be written in English, Spanish or French.

Social Programme:
Welcoming reception on the evening of 23 February.*