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Global Conference on Animal Welfare


Dr. S. Abdul Rahman
Dr. S. Abdul Rahman graduated with a bachelors degree in Veterinary Science and a Masters and PhD in Veterinary Parasitology. He is a retired Professor of Veterinary Parasitology and Dean of Bangalore Veterinary College. Dr Rahman has published more than 120 scientific papers and has authored two books on Veterinary Parasitology.
He served as Secretary and Vice President of Indian Veterinary Association for 16 years and also served as the Council Member of India to the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and Permanent Member representing India at the World Veterinary Association and Federation of Association of Veterinarians of Asia.

He is at present the Secretary of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association which has a membership of 53 commonwealth countries of the world. Dr Rahman is former member of Animal Welfare Board of India and is actively engaged in Animal Welfare and has organized many national and international seminars on animal welfare in India. He has with joint collaboration between CVA and WSPA conceptualized the Concepts of Animal Welfare to be included as part of the veterinary curriculum in India.

He is a member of the OIE-Working Group on Animal Welfare