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Global Conference on Animal Welfare


David Bayvel obtained his initial veterinary degree from the University of Glasgow in 1967 and then gained a Diploma in Tropical Veterinary Medicine from the University of Edinburgh. He became a member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, by examination in veterinary pharmacology, in 1983 and obtained a Masters Degree in Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington in 1994. David's career has involved periods in private veterinary practice, the international pharmaceutical industry and Government service. David has worked in the UK, Zambia, South Africa and Australia and moved to New Zealand in 1982.

David has represented the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) on the New Zealand National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC), the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) and the Trans-Tasman Animal Welfare Working Group (AWWG) since 1990.

David is currently actively involved with the OIE in addressing animal welfare issues at an international level. He chaired the 2001 OIE ad hoc expert group meeting on animal welfare and currently chairs the permanent OIE Animal Welfare Working Group.