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Global Conference on Animal Welfare


Dr Ambur Balakrishnan Mohan Raj was born on 25th February 1957, as a tenth child to Mr Ambur Balakrishnan and Mrs Kokilambal Balakrishnan, in a traditionally agricultural family in rural Southern India. Married to Mrs Rajeswari Raj and have a son Master Jagan Raj.

Attended Hindu Primary and High Schools, Islamiah College and graduated in 1981 with a first class BVSc degree from Madras Veterinary College (MVC), India. Awarded a Junior Research Fellowship by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to pursue MVSc in Meat Hygiene and Technology at MVC and was awarded a first class degree in 1983. Awarded a visiting studentship by the Queen's University of Belfast in Northern Ireland to study for PhD (1984-1988).

Started postdoctoral research in 1988 at the Food Research Institute-Bristol Laboratory and then employed as a Research Associate within the Division of Food Animal Science, University of Bristol. Currently employed as a Senior Research Fellow within the Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, University of Bristol.

Research interest is animal welfare, especially during stunning and slaughter, funded by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK and the European Union. Developed a novel and humane killing system, using inert gases, for poultry and pigs. Published over 40 original scientific papers in international journals and authored chapters in text and special reference books.

Has been an invited speaker at the international conferences and a working group member of the European Commission Scientific Veterinary Committee on Animal Health and Welfare; presently, a member of the European Food Safety Authority panel on Animal Health and Welfare.