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Global Conference on Animal Welfare


23 February 2004
10.00 am-1.00 pm
Session 1:

Setting the Scene
Chair: Dr Abdulaye Bouna Niang (President, OIE Administrative Commission)

2.00-3.00 pm
Official Conference Opening

Dr Adjoudji Hamadjola
Minister for Animal Production, Fisheries and Animal Industries (Cameroun)

Commissioner David Byrne

European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection (European Union)

Mr Hervé Gaymard
Minister for Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Rural Affaires (France)

Ms Renate Künast
Minister of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture (Germany)

Mr Joe Walsh TD
Minister for Agriculture and Food (Ireland)

3.00-3.15 pm
The OIE: History, scientific basis and future opportunities
Dr Bernard Vallat
OIE Director General
3.15-3.30 pm
The OIE - Processes, Procedures and International Relationships
Dr Alex Thiermann
President of OIE terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission
3.30 -3.45 pm
The OIE Animal Welfare Strategic Initiative - Progress, Priorities and Prognosis
Dr David Bayvel
Chair OIE Working group on Animal Welfare
3.45-4.15 pm
Afternoon tea/ coffee
Global Animal Welfare Challenges: Some perspectives
Chair: Dr Barry O'Neil (Vice President, OIE Administrative Commission)
4.15-4.30 pm
The role of the veterinarian in animal welfare - a global perspective
Dr Jim Edwards
World Veterinary Association
4.30-4.45 pm
Animal Welfare in the veterinary curriculum
Prof Leopoldo Estol
Universidad del Salvador, Argentina
4.45-5.00 pm
The expectations of the international animal welfare movement
Mr David Wilkins
International Coalition for Farm Animal Welfare (ICFAW)
5.00-5.15 pm
Discussion and identification of important issues
5.15-5.30 pm
An 'Industry' Viewpoint
Ms Emma Stamper
Animal Transport Association (AATA)
5.30-5.45 pm
A Market-Place Perspective
Ms Karen Brown
Food Marketing Institute, USA
5.45-6.00 pm
Consumer concerns
Mr Riccardo Quintili
Chief Editor "Il Salvagente", Italy
6.00-6.15 pm
A perspective from developing countries
Dr Sira Abdul Rahman
Retired Dean, Bangalore Veterinary College, India
6.15-6.30 pm
Discussion and identification of important issues
6.45-8.00 pm

Reception (Salons Hoche - 9, avenue Hoche 75017 Paris)

24 February 2004
Session 2:

Applying Science to Animal Welfare
Chair: Dr Hamadou Saïdou (OIE Regional Commission for Africa)

9.00-9.20 am
Applying science to animal welfare
Q + A 10 mins
Prof David Fraser
University of British Columbia, Canada
9.30-9.50 am

Space, environmental design and behaviour
Q + A 10 mins

Dr Pierre Le Neindre
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique INRA , France
10.00-10.20 am
Management, handling and transport
Q + A 10 mins
Prof Joy Mench
University of California, USA
10.30-11.00 am
Morning Tea / Coffee
Chair: Dr Peter Fernandez (OIE Regional Commission for the Americas)
11.00-11.20 am
Pain, fear and distress
Q + A 10 mins
Prof Ian Duncan
University of Guelph, Canada
11.30-11.50 am
Injury and disease
Q + A 10 mins
Prof Bo Algers
Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden
12.00 -12.20 pm
Food, water and malnutrition
Q + A 10 mins
Prof Alistair Lawrence
Scottish Agricultural College, UK
12.30-1.00 pm
Panel discussion
1.00-2.30 pm
Areas of Practical Application
Chair: Dr Hassan Abdul Aziz Aidaros (OIE Regional Commission for the Middle East)
2.30-2.50 pm
Issues relating to Slaughter for Human Consumption
Q + A 10 mins

Dr Muhammad Chaudry
OIE Ad Hoc Group

3.00-3.20 pm
Issues relating to Killing for Disease Control Purposes
Q + A 10 mins
Dr Harry Blokhuis
OIE Ad Hoc Group
3.30-4.00 pm
Afternoon tea
Chair: Dr Nikola Belev (OIE Regional Commission for Europe)
4.00-4.20 pm
Issues relating to Land Transportation
Q + A 10 mins
Dr Donald Broom
OIE Ad Hoc Group
4.30-4.50 pm
Issues relating to Sea Transportation
Q + A 10 mins
Dr Richard Norris
OIE Ad Hoc Group
5.00-5.20 pm
Animal Welfare : between profit and protection
Q + A 10 mins
Dr Hans Wyss
Chief Veterinary Officer, Switzerland
5.30-5.50 pm
Issues relating to aquaculture
Q + A 10 mins
Prof Tore Håstein
National Veterinary Institute, Norway
25 February 2004
Session 3:

The Way Forward
Chair: Dr Herbert Schneider (World Veterinary Association)

9.00 - 9.20 am
Cultural, religious and ethical issues
Q + A 10 mins
Dr Mohan Raj
University of Bristol, UK
9.30 -9.50 pm
The application of legislation, scientific guidielines and standards
Q + A 10 mins
Prof David Mellor
Massey University, New Zealand
10.00-10.30 am
Morning Break - Feedback Questionnaire
10.30 am-1.00 pm

Syndicate Groups - Topics arising from earlier conference discussions

Other issues for discussion included:
-Land transport of animals
-Sea transport of animals
-Killing of animals for disease control purposes
-Slaughter of animals for human consumption
-Animal welfare research: current activities and future priorities
-Role of the veterinarian in animal welfare and its incorporation into the veterinary curriculum
-Communication challenges in animal welfare

1.00-2.00 pm
Closing Session
Chair: Dr Carlos Correa Messuti (OIE Administrative Commission)
2.00-4.00 pm
Reports from Syndicate Groups and General Discussion
4.00-5.00 pm
The way forward
Dr David Bayvel
Chair OIE Working group on Animal Welfare
  Formal Closure Dr Bernard Vallat
OIE Director General
5.00 pm
Press conference